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Holy Week

Basic vocabulary for Holy Week in Andalusia

In Andalusia, Holy Week, or Semana Santa, is a celebration that practically transforms villages and cities. Processions of beautifully adorned floats with Jesus and Mary statues. As well as,  groups of Nazarenos (penitents) wearing conical hoods, and strident brass bands move slowly through the streets. Also, they go from their parish church to the cathedral...
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Iberian Ham

Three keys to preserve Iberian Ham

How can I ensure that my slice of Iberian ham retains all of its properties? Is that anything I should cover? Where am I supposed to put it? These are the guidelines for keeping Iberian ham in the best condition possible, without drying out or oxidizing. Contents1 Store away from direct sunlight and at room...
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5 advantages of tailor-made trips

Tailor-made tours are becoming more popular among modern travelers. It’s a current trend that’s here to stay, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a modern trend that emphasizes tailoring a vacation to provide each tourist with a distinct and exceptional experience.    Tailor-made trips and a personal vacation planner take care of everything for you. It...
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Chiquilla: “From Sotogrande to Arenal”

El Arenal is one of the neighborhoods in Seville where they are opening one of the most expected bars, Urbano González’s restaurant Chiquilla. The chef from Seville, who also owns the famed Quilla in Sotogrande, only recently established his new restaurant. A minimalist environment in which they have used every available space. It contains a...
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Esteros Andaluces, oysters in San Fernando

Known as Ostiones,  now marketed as curly oysters, another way of referring to the species. The company Esteros Andaluces SL is currently responsible for the production of this food. For several years, the enterprise has been devoted to its cultivation in the former San Fernando salt mines. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. They...
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How to order Café in Spain: The Complete Guide

The Spaniards love their café, and you can get a nice cup almost anywhere. In the cafes and bars here, instant coffee is not available. Cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites aren’t available here (save in well-known coffee shop chains). When you order coffee in Spain, the barista will take a cup of espresso and add...
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A typical Andalusian breakfast

Traditional Spanish breakfast varies by region, but tostada, bocadillos, and churros con chocolate are two of the most popular options. Churros with hot chocolate, on the other hand, are largely for visitors, as few Spaniards eat them for  breakfast.    In this article we are going to look at some of the most popular breakfast items...
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Top 5 Cadiz wines that look like champagne

A few years ago, certain sparkling wines were produced in Cadiz in order to appeal to a public that prefers a local product while also preferring the type of sparkling wine associated with celebrations and the end of a meal like champagne.    The demand for these sparkling wines from the land has skyrocketed in recent...
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How to be a sustainable tourist while visiting Jerez de la Frontera

Traveling teaches us to appreciate the world and its wonderful variety, but it can also be very polluting. We all need to reduce our carbon emissions and take better care of the planet to ensure we don’t cause irreparable damage to the only home we have. You don’t have to cancel your trips abroad, but...
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