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A typical Andalusian breakfast

Traditional Spanish breakfast varies by region, but tostada, bocadillos, and churros con chocolate are two of the most popular options. Churros with hot chocolate, on the other hand, are largely for visitors, as few Spaniards eat them for  breakfast.    In this article we are going to look at some of the most popular breakfast items...
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Top 5 Cadiz wines that look like champagne

A few years ago, certain sparkling wines were produced in Cadiz in order to appeal to a public that prefers a local product while also preferring the type of sparkling wine associated with celebrations and the end of a meal like champagne.    The demand for these sparkling wines from the land has skyrocketed in recent...
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How to be a sustainable tourist while visiting Jerez de la Frontera

Traveling teaches us to appreciate the world and its wonderful variety, but it can also be very polluting. We all need to reduce our carbon emissions and take better care of the planet to ensure we don’t cause irreparable damage to the only home we have. You don’t have to cancel your trips abroad, but...
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Cruzcampo: The risky adventure of a winery owner

In 1904, beer was seldom drunk, but Roberto Osborne put his whole fortune into creating Cruzcampo, Spain’s greatest brewery.   Its façade is one of the most recognizable symbols of Seville’s popular culture. Despite the fact that it was formerly one of the city’s most unique structures. Its wide pitched roofs with dormers, designed in Frankfurt,...
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The ultimate guide of the best places to stay in Madrid

The cornerstone of any fantasy vacation is a great location. Every neighborhood in Madrid has its own personality and vibe. Therefore, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect fit for your tastes, needs, and preferences. Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city, is a bustling and active metropolis brimming with art and...
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Cadiz Bienmesabe

‘Cádiz Bienmesabe’ I Agrifood Fair of the Province

The Diputación de Cádiz, in collaboration with the company Global Media Office and the participation of municipalities and businesses in the sector, has enabled the Ifeca fairgrounds in Jerez to welcome hundreds of people. They will meet and enjoy the products, traditions, peculiarities, innovation, and know-how of the professionals of Cadiz cuisine until Sunday. Cádiz...
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Gibraltar travel guide: The best things to do in Gibraltar in 1 day

It’s simple to see why visiting Gibraltar, a tiny British enclave, might be appealing. Not only does Gibraltar provide the unique opportunity to experience a small slice of British life in the midst of Spain, but it also boasts the awe-inspiring Rock of Gibraltar, which is guaranteed to make an impression. A trip to this...
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fried fish

The art of preparing fried fish step by step and without complications

A nice fried fish, or ‘pescaito frito,’ as Andalusians call it, is one of those guilty pleasures that reminds you that some of the world’s greatest culinary miracles can be had without spending a fortune in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Fried fish is a typical Mediterranean meal, but it is now widely served all over the...
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Meet the 3 captains who made their impact on Cadiz history

BA number of captains made their impact on history long before the cathedral was established, each using this port. One sailed from here, another was sacked here, and the third died of his wounds while his ship battled the rocks south of its harbors. Both kind of luck tormented each of them. And each man...
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