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Roche beach

The golden sand Roche beach in Cadiz

The Calas de Roche beach, also known as the Calas de Poniente, 40 minutes from Cadiz, are located north of Conil, between the fishing port and the lighthouse, as well as the private Roche urbanization. It is considered to be among the best beaches in Andalusia, located in the middle of nature between imposing reddish...
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Cadiz lifestyle

What to do in Cadiz on rainy days

On sunny days, the city of  Cádiz offers a diverse selection of activities, but what can we do in Cadiz if it rains? In this post, we’ll go through the five finest rainy-day activities in the city. No matter the weather Cadiz offers you plans at all hours. The city of Carnival and sun offers...
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eat in Seville

Seville eating guide

Seville is a city with a little bit of everything. From classic abaceras (small grocery stores that often serve gourmet products like wine, cheese, and charcuterie) to traditional tapas bars, to some of Spain’s most imaginative and sophisticated food. The costs are low and the quality is great, and you can’t go wrong as long...
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best wines

The best wines for a complete Iberian ham experience

Without a doubt, mixing Iberian ham with other ingredients may enhance the dining experience. As a result, knowing the best wines to serve with Iberian ham is crucial. Although red wines have long been the usual accompaniment to this ham, there are a variety of different beverages that can assist heighten the experience of eating...
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Asta Regia

Asta Regia archeological site in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia

The Asta Regia archeological site is located in the Mesas de Asta area of Jerez. Inside the marshes on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River. The site covered 40 hectares. It is even linked to the Tartessos kingdom’s old capital. The magnificent Asta Regia, whose archaeological site is located in the Cadiz municipality of...
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Cadiz Wind

If there is one thing that Cádiz is known for, it is its unique wind. Only people from Cádiz or those who have lived in these places for a long time are familiar with the dynamics of Levante and Poniente. However, while the winds in the region can be bothersome at times. They are precisely...
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Calima has covered Cadiz streets with red dust from the Sahara desert

It appears to be Mars, but it is actually Spain. The sand covers ground, the cars and everything . and some even believe it is the end of the world. But, no, what’s going on isn’t nearly as spectacular. It’s the calima, or sand haze, a meteorological phenomena that, although leaving postcards depicting the end of...
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Tortillitas de camarones: how to cook like a true Andalusian

If you want to appear as a true chef in front of your guests in the kitchen, you’ll need some starters in your recipe book to surprise them. The tortilla de camarones are a good place to start. It will serve as a tapa and to whet your hunger before the main course arrives, or...
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Erizos, the Cadiz gastronomic delight to enjoy this March

One of the most distinguishing features of the Cadiz Carnival is that it is a street party, which has resulted in the birth of numerous gastronomy events that allow eating in the street for many of the days that this authentic cultural manifestation lasts. The sea urchin, known as el erizos caletero,  is one of...
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