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Erizos, the Cadiz gastronomic delight to enjoy this March

One of the most distinguishing features of the Cadiz Carnival is that it is a street party, which has resulted in the birth of numerous gastronomy events that allow eating in the street for many of the days that this authentic cultural manifestation lasts. The sea urchin, known as el erizos caletero,  is one of...
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The ultimate guide of the best places to stay in Seville

Seville is most people’s perception of a traditional Spanish trip, and it does not disappoint as the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain. Its fascinating architecture and dramatic history span Arabic, medieval, gothic, and baroque periods, with flamenco and fiestas continuing prevalent in the present. Avoid the heat of summer by visiting in the spring...
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Cadiz Wind

If there is one thing that Cádiz is known for, it is its unique wind. Only people from Cádiz or those who have lived in these places for a long time are familiar with the dynamics of Levante and Poniente. However, while the winds in the region can be bothersome at times. They are precisely...
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Calima has covered Cadiz streets with red dust from the Sahara desert

It appears to be Mars, but it is actually Spain. The sand covers ground, the cars and everything . and some even believe it is the end of the world. But, no, what’s going on isn’t nearly as spectacular. It’s the calima, or sand haze, a meteorological phenomena that, although leaving postcards depicting the end of...
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Covid test for travelers in El Puerto and Jerez de la Frontera

For visitors visiting Spain during the Easter holidays, new  Covid restrictions have been announced.     Previously, all travelers entering Spain had to be completely vaccinated, with no need for testing or quarantine. However, under the new rules  anyone who has not been vaccinated but has recovered from coronavirus in the previous six months is now allowed...
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The ultimate guide of the best places to stay in Cadiz

Cádiz is a city located on Andalusia’s southwest coast. Cádiz is known for its antiquity, historical significance, architectural legacy, gastronomy, and beaches, and is considered one of Spain’s most attractive cities. We’ll look at the best places to stay in Cadiz, Spain, in this article. With an amazing skyline that includes more than 100 Spanish...
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The ultimate guide for visiting Madrid, Capital of Spain

Madrid is a vibrant city with late nights, historic monuments, and delectable cuisine. As Spain’s capital, there is a wealth of history and art to be discovered, and you might spend weeks exploring it. It’s also full of stunning architecture. In this vibrant metropolis, there is never a shortage of things to see and do....
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The Italica Roman ruins, birthplace of emperors, in Seville

Italica is a collection of spectacular Roman ruins in Andalusia, just a few miles outside of Seville. The earliest people came from Italy around 206BC, when the place functioned as a settlement for Roman soldiers injured in the battle of Illipa. These remains are the most important archaeological evidence in all of Spain, as they...
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The best things to do in Olvera, the beautiful white village in Cadiz

 Olvera is one of Andalusia’s most attractive white villages, perched on a hill and overlooking the olive-tree-covered valleys below. Olvera is a calm village with few other tourists. It’s a beautiful spot for a relaxing afternoon spent seeing the castle and eating tapas while sipping a drink of local beer or wine. This town of...
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