How it works


Don't know where to start?

Don’t know where to click, what form to fill or how it works? Take a look at the diagram above and it will show you some easy steps that define what you have to do in order to begin your next adventure.

Once you know what to do, you will only have to care about what will your next trip be!

Pre-made experiences

We have already prepared a lot a of exciting trips for you! Don’t want to waste time planning your trip? Do you want to pick an adventure someone has already planned and just enjoy it?

We have wide variety of experiences. You can take a full tourism day in a one-day experience or diversify your vacations with a multi-day experience! You can also choose between many different themes of trips. From experiences that consist of tasting the local cuisine to exploring the beautiful natural landscapes or discovering the ancient history that has remained in our days. There are also trips made in case you want to get involved in the local culture and traditions and you can also enjoy or coasts and take a nautical tour at La Costa de la Luz!

You can browse these type of experiences here.

Tailormade Experiences

We also offer a wide array of tailored experiences in southern Spain, with so many different types of trips that you will be sure to find one you enjoy. These experiences are available in our experiences collection, where you can easily book your trip.

If you have any doubt about how it works you can propose a tailormade experience with us and we will contact you to discuss what you want to do.