The Route of the Courtyards of Córdoba

courtyards cordoba

The Courtyards of Córdoba are an example of the valuable historical-cultural legacy that this Andalusian city treasures. They are spaces of great beauty, with unique architecture and layout. In addition, in the past they responded to an important social function, since they served as a meeting and leisure point between inhabitants, family and friends.

The typical Cordovan courtyard is characterized by the intense white color of its whitewashed facades and the colorful contrast provided by its dozens, or hundreds, of flower pots.

With spring, the patios of Córdoba are splendid. Every May, they receive thousands of tourists seeking to immortalize the beauty and charm of these popular corners.

The courtyards of Córdoba are spread over various areas or neighborhoods of the city. Mainly, these are: Jewish Quarter, San Basilio, Santa Marina, San Lorenzo and La Magdalena.

We are going to visit some of the most beautiful patios in the city of Córdoba. Next, we show you the ones that, in our opinion, are the most beautiful. Keep in mind that, although it is possible to visit many of them for free, some are private and are part of established routes, requiring a ticket. However, the tickets include a visit to numerous patios and even some buildings of interest.


Join us on this walk through the most beautiful patios in Córdoba.


Courtyard del Trueque

Our visit to the Cordovan patios begins here, right next to the Church of San Lorenzo. We have chosen this old Córdoba courtyard as a starting point because, in itself, it is an “Interpretation Center for the Fiesta de los Patios“. An ideal place to learn more about the origin of these beautiful corners and their curiosities.


Among the peculiarities that make this courtyard a charming corner are its well, full of flowers, or the unique combination offered by the white of its facades and the intense blue of its pots. Without a doubt, the typical “courtyard de Córdoba” that comes to mind.

courtyards cordoba

Patios de “Axerquía Norte”

These courtyards of Córdoba are part of their own route. Nestled in the north of the city, among the patios that make up this route is that of Trueque. The rest are private courtyards, but it is possible to visit them with a ticket.


Among the most characteristic courtyards on this route, it is worth visiting that of Mariano Amaya, with its unique and ancient architecture.


As a curiosity, it should be noted that in Córdoba there are many courtyard caretakers who continue to water the pots according to the traditional way. This consists of using a “caña”, to which a “latita” with water is tied. The purpose is to be able to easily water those taller pots. This “typical” procedure has its own statue in the streets of Cordoba, being one more tourist attraction to visit.


Courtyard of the “Asociación de Amigos de los patios cordobeses”

Little by little we are learning more about these magical and traditional corners. On our route through the most beautiful patios in Córdoba. We make a stop at the courtyard of the Association of Friends of Cordoba patios. This patio, located in the Barrio de San Basilio, is free and can be visited all year round.

When we access its interior, we can ascend through a central staircase surrounded by flower pots. This courtyard also has an old well.

courtyards cordoba

Courtyards of San Basilio

Undoubtedly, those that make up this route are the most beautiful. If you decide to make this visit, you will be surprised by the uniqueness of the “Courtyard de la Muralla“. This space is integrated with the Wall of the Old Alcázar of the city, offering incomparable prints.

In the Courtyard de la Muralla, the most historic architecture merges with hundreds of pots and other colorful elements, such as stairs, chairs, vases or wells. Undoubtedly, one of the patios that you should not miss.


Courtyards of “El Palacio de Viana”

A visit to the Viana Palace is essential to get to know the city of Córdoba better. It is a historic manor house, inside which houses up to 12 patios of great beauty, as well as a “house-palace”. Undoubtedly, it is a very complete visit.

During our tour of the Palace courtyards, we were amazed by the incredible beauty of the surroundings. We have been able to admire the “Courtyard de los Gatos“, in its time a neighborhood courtyard and which is the oldest in its condition according to records.

But, without a doubt, the most beautiful in the Palace is the Reception Patio, which gives access to the building. It has in its structure a gallery of 16 Tuscan-style columns that you can walk through while contemplating its careful botanical collection.

courtyards cordoba

Vesuvius Courtyard or “Patio Azul”

We are ending our tour of some of the most unique courtyard and routes that the city of Córdoba offers by visiting the Vesuvius Patio.

Located on Calle Frailes, in the heart of the Barrio de San Lorenzo, the courtyard Vesuvio has a unique cultural past and an age that exceeds 4 centuries. It sits on the “Camino Mozárabe de Córdoba”.

The “blue” courtyard, as it is known for the color of its walls, is also characterized by the singularity and charm that is breathed in its corners. This courtyard has a staircase with calligraphy on its steps simulating the Arabic alphabet. A space that does not lack a detail.

Here we end our visit to some of the most charming courtyards in the city of Córdoba. Before we say goodbye, we would like to recommend that you plan your visit to the patios in advance, choosing less crowded times to maximize your experience. 

Also, if you visit Córdoba in summer, don’t forget to take sunscreen, a cap, and comfortable shoes with you.

Without further ado, we encourage you to get to know the patios of Córdoba. A walk that concentrates culture, history and a lot of charm

We are sure you will want to come back!

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