1. What is Alsherry Experiences?

Alsherry Experiences is a company dedicated to offering authentic travel and experiences in Spain and worldwide.


2. What does Alsherry Experiences offer me?

Wherever you travel with us, you can be assured that your trip will be made for you. Meet the locals, enjoy some tasty tapas, taste wonderful wine, take a boat trip, ride a horse, chill on the vineyard, relax in a spa…


3. How can I receive offers via e-mail?

Of course. To do so, simply enter the web site and a window will pop up in which you will have to enter your email address in order to receive information about our trips and experiences. Contact with us.


4. What forms of payment can I make at Alsherry Experiences?

By credit card, cash and wire transfer.


5. Can someone else make a reservation on my behalf?

Yes, as long as we are provided with the contact details (phone and email) of the person who is going on the trip/experience.


6. Can someone take my place?

If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to take a trip, up to the time of the trip you may designate another person to replace you under the same conditions and with the same obligations as you had, without any additional disbursement, provided that you give 24 hours’ notice.


7. Do I have to book a trip in advance?

Yes, you can book your trip/experience months before the activity.


8. Is there a waiting list?

No, in case of full capacity, you will be recommended for the next available option.


9. Can a trip / experience be filled?

Yes, most of the trips have a quota of availability, although if it is an organized trip, a tailor-made trip can be made to solve the problem.


10. How do I pay for the trip / experience?

You can pay on the web or contact us by email or phone and we will give you the best option.


11. Can I use a different credit card at the time of final payment than the credit card I used when I made the reservation?

Yes, you can make a payment with one card and then switch to another card to make the rest of the payment.


12. Is your reservation system secure?

Yes, our reservation system uses a secure connection and all your reservations will be encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology.


13. Can I get an invoice for my reservation?

Yes, you can obtain your invoice by requesting it at the time of purchase or on the contact page.


14. Can I cancel my reservation?

EXPERIENCES: In case the client communicates the cancellation 7 days before the experience, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total value of the experience.

TRIPS: In case the client communicates the cancellation 7 days before the trip, 50% of the trip will be reimbursed depending on the supplier and the conditions of the trip.

In case of cancellation 48 hours before the experience, no refund or reimbursement will be made.  


15. In which cases will the amount paid not be refunded if I cancel the trip/experience?

Unexpected illness, disease or injury; government obligations such as jury duty, court appearances or military duties; travel advisories or other government advice (not restricting or prohibiting travel); cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the reservation was made; and transportation disruptions not related to a covered situation, such as road closures and cancellations of flights, trains, buses and ferries.


16. Do you offer private trips / experiences?

Yes, you can request it on our website both in Tailor Made and Contact.

We offer trips in Spain as well as in other destinations worldwide, such as honeymoons, incentive trips, family trips, etc.


17. Can I travel as a single person?

 Yes, we have plans for single travelers.


18. Who are the guides?

The guides are industry professionals, experts in the destination or experience being undertaken.


19. What happens if I am late?

There are experiences or trips which you can contact the guide and others that if you arrive late you will not be able to do it because it depends on the type of transportation we use for the trip.


20. Are photo cameras allowed during the trip?

Yes, unless a place is not allowed due to security issues or because it is not allowed at all.


21. Will there be food and drink during the trip?

There are trips and experiences that include food and drinks and others that do not. It is recommended to look at the trip information to find out what is included.


22. Are your trips and experiences suitable for children?

We have experiences that are family friendly for those who request it. If you need more information, contact us.


23. Is the trip/experience accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers?

It depends a lot on the activity where it takes place. There are areas that are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers and others that are not. It will be indicated in each experience or trip.


24. What happens if inclement weather occurs?

In general, Alsherry Experiences reserves the right to cancel activities in the following cases:

  • Rain or wind alert in the area and time slot of the activity.
  • Heavy rainfall (more than 15mm / hour) and of a continuous nature during the entire period of time of the activity.

In case of any of these events occurs, Alsherry Experiences would change the time and date to follow the safety of the travelers.


25. What language are the trips in?

Generally, in English, Spanish, Italian and we offer other languages upon request, such as French, German, Chinese, etc.