8 Things to do in El Puerto de Santa María

things to do puerto santa maria

El Puerto de Santa María is a beautiful town located on the coast of Cádiz. It is a tourist destination located in the southwest of Spain, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Its historical legacy has its roots in the Phoenician era.

Puerto de Santa María is a perfect corner of Andalusia for a vacation. Thanks to its wonderful beaches and its varied leisure and tourism proposal.

Next, we propose 8 essential plans to do in El Puerto de Santa María:

Local tapas from El Puerto de Santa María

A whole gastronomic adventure for lovers of good food. An experience in which you will discover the most traditional cuisine of El Puerto de Santa María.

This plan will allow you to explore the local taverns of El Puerto. In addition, you can taste its most unique tapas. They are a delicious elaboration of their typical gastronomy. Additionally, to accompany the meal, there is nothing better than doing it with a Jerez wine.


What will you discover?

Enjoy this experience. It includes activities that immerse you in the most deeply rooted essence of Cádiz and Andalusian cuisine:

  • Route to taste the most popular tapas in El Puerto, through a visit to 3 of its most traditional bars and taverns. This itinerary includes food and drink at each of these establishments.
  • Visit a Mercado de Abastos, the space where suppliers and merchants come to sell and purchase fresh goods for their businesses. In this place you will be able to see first-hand the ingredients that make up Andalusian gastronomy.
  • Visit special places, corners with authentic charm that are among the favorites of the locals.


To optimize this experience, we include an English or Spanish speaking host. Additionally, it is an ideal alternative to discover El Puerto de Santa María from a gastronomic point of view.

Finally, we remind you that it is an activity that can be adapted. Specifically, for people with celiac disease, dairy-free, vegetarians, pregnant women or other dietary preferences.

Visit vineyards in Cádiz

We immerse ourselves in a whole wine adventure and visit the charming vineyards of Cádiz, in El Puerto de Santa María.

We will discover the exciting world of viticulture. Moreover, we will be exploring its unique wineries and tasting some of its most characteristic local wines.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to meet a local winemaker and learn first-hand how wine is made.”

An entire experience to connect with nature.

Live a sunset for two

An activity designed for lovers of sunsets. To visit Andalusia is to fall in love with its sunsets, full of shades of light and colour.

You are going to live an emotionally charged experience. Without a doubt, thanks to this wonderful getaway, on board a beautiful ship. In addition, during the journey we will get to know the Bay of Cádiz and its rich biodiversity. In addition, it is a natural environment full of life.

This charming boat trip is perfect for couples or friends. The journey includes an aperitif on board and wine.

Don’t forget to enjoy the golden hour in Cádiz, ideal for taking a souvenir photo!

sunset for two


Discovering the legacy of El Puerto de Santa María

Through this experience we will know more deeply the history of El Puerto de Santa María. We will learn about its past and the importance of Christopher Columbus.

We will appreciate its rich historical and cultural heritage. We will walk through its most characteristic streets, such as Calle Misericordia or Calle Larga.

Walking through its old town we will come across its Main Church, an imposing Gothic-Renaissance construction from the 15th century. We will discover more about this unique and important building.

Finally, we will be able to taste a delicious Jerez wine to put the finishing touch on this experience. We remind you that this activity, with a duration of 1.5 hours. In addition, it includes an English and Spanish speaking host.

things to do puerto santa maria

Experiences on horseback

Quite an adventure for animal lovers and, especially, horses.

Come to Cádiz and enjoy the charm of horseback riding.

A walk that you can take in winter in summer. In the winter months, you will enjoy this experience on the beach. Ride a horse by the sea, traveling along long sandy beaches. A perfect plan while you watch the sunset. Quite an adventure.

If you prefer to carry out this activity in summer, you can enjoy pleasant horseback riding through the countryside. Finally, we want to remind you that this activity is suitable for beginners and more experienced people.

Without a doubt, an unforgettable adventure.

things to do puerto santa maria


Discovering the secrets of Jerez wine

This activity is an opportunity to learn everything about authentic Jerez wine. It consists of an interesting visit to a boutique winery in El Puerto de Santa María.

We will have the presence of an expert oenologist, who will accompany us during the tour.

In this wine adventure we will learn more about the origin of Sherry wine, its history and importance in the “Triángulo de Jerez”.

Also discover its characteristics and peculiarities. Nuances that differentiate it from other wines, making it unique. In addition, we will visit a family business dedicated to its preparation.

Finally, we will be able to enjoy lunch and an extraordinary tasting of Jerez wines. A unique experience to learn about wine making. This elaboration is one of the most appreciated in Andalusia.

things to do puerto santa maria

Sailing trip

Thanks to the beauty of the surroundings, it will be an experience that will fascinate you.

Sail the waters of the Bay of Cádiz aboard a sailboat. You will contemplate the Costa de la Luz, enjoying wonderful views and appreciating the marine life.

A trip to enjoy and relax. You can look at the sea, sunbathe or bathe in its waters. Any plan is good while you feel the sea breeze.

This activity has an estimated duration from 2 to 4 hours of travel. Additionally, you will have an expert skipper who will direct your walk through the waters of Cádiz. Moreover, you have music available on board. To fully enjoy this adventure in the ocean, however, the maximum number of participants allowed is 9 people.


Musical evening among vineyards

Musical evening among vineyards

Viña Balbaína opens its doors to welcome us among its charming vineyards. A corner with special charm.

Live a magical moment enjoying a magnificent sunset between vineyards.

An original proposal and different from any other. A whole experience that will bring you closer to the musical culture of Cádiz.

Enjoy live local music in the late afternoon, before dark. Relax among the vineyards, tasting white or red wine while you watch the sun set among the vines.

You cannot miss an event like this. A whole show where you connect with the magic of nature while you immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Cádiz.

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