Honeymoon trip: Exotic destinations

honeymoon trip

If you are preparing your wedding, surely you have already thought about the honeymoon trip. This is one of the things that all couples are most excited about, organizing and deciding where to go on their honeymoon. The options of destinations for the honeymoon are endless: Bali, Costa Rica, Maldives… they are all paradisiacal places and popular among the couple.


Honeymoon trip

The honeymoon is travel that the newlyweds take, generally after their wedding celebration. The honeymoon trip is an opportunity to celebrate your union and enjoy together in a special destination.

The origin of the expression honeymoon responds to several theories. One of them has its origin thousands of years ago, in Babylon. For that society, honey was a symbol of fertility and good luck. So, when a wedding took place, the father of the bride had the detail of giving the groom a drink similar to honey beer. This operation was repeated for a month, which was the time equivalent to a moon. It is then when it is believed that the expression “honeymoon” was born.

Currently, the honeymoon usually has a romantic focus for the couple, taking advantage of those days to visit exotic places and do activities together.

Based on your preferences, the honeymoon trip can last from a few days to weeks. In summary, the honeymoon is quite an experience for any couple.

honeymoon trip

Honeymoon destinations

Often, one of the questions that couples ask the most when preparing their wedding is where to go on their honeymoon.

Without a doubt, it is a very personal choice. To help you, we propose some original and unique destinations for your honeymoon.


Honeymoon Thailand

Every honeymoon trip needs a dose of adventure. Thailand is an ideal destination for your honeymoon. An exotic place, where you can soak up its culture and relax on its wonderful white sand beaches.

Enjoy with your partner exploring its streets, with charming and unique markets, discovering exotic temples and submerging yourself under its waters, thanks to the many water activities available. Dare to try its varied gastronomy, unique for its nuances and flavors. Feel the essence of cities with Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, especially beautiful at night. A sunset in this country is unforgettable.

In short, Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for honeymooning among couples. Due to its exotic environment, the personality of its people and the connection with nature, a honeymoon in Thailand is quite an experience.

honeymoon trip

Maldives honeymoon

Among honeymoon destinations, the Maldives occupies a prominent position. It is a tropical country, ideal for relaxing. Thanks to its extensive fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, it is possible to enjoy a multitude of water activities during your honeymoon.

The Maldives is made up of approximately 2,000 small islands. In these, you will find more than 100 resorts with elegant and luxurious villas, fully equipped. During your honeymoon trip you can enjoy different activities. One of the experiences that you cannot miss is living a sunset in the Maldives aboard a cruise. Relax with your partner out to sea, while you contemplate the wonderful spectacle of lights and colors around you.

Other perfect activities for a honeymoon in the Maldives include excursions to deserted islands with magnificent lunches and tropical drinks, snorkeling, discovering dolphins under its turquoise waters or simply disconnecting on one of its beaches to celebrate your honeymoon.

All in all, the Maldives is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy on your honeymoon.

Maldivies honeymoon trip

Bali Honeymoon Trip

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations is Bali.

If you don’t know where to go on your honeymoon, we suggest this exotic island to celebrate your honeymoon with your partner. During your stay in Bali you will be able to soak up its culture and discover the wonders that this corner of Indonesia hides. Here are some activities that should not be missing on your honeymoon trip to Bali:

  • A visit to the Tanah Lot temple, admiring the beauty of the surroundings and contemplating an unforgettable sunset. One of the experiences that you will remember most fondly from your honeymoon in Bali.
  • During your stay on the island, we recommend you take an excursion to Mount Batur and admire the sunrise from the heights. Quite an adventure. Another activity that you cannot miss on your honeymoon trip to Bali, and that you can do that same day, is to treat yourself to a relaxing experience in the hot springs of Toya Devasya.
  • Bali is known for its rice paddies. Spend some time visiting one, like the ones in Tegalalang. The environment is of great beauty. In addition, it is only 11 kilometers from Ubud, where you can admire the impressive architectural ensemble offered by its Royal Palace. Of course, visit the Ubud market, where you can get some souvenirs.

As you can see, this island offers much more than just a beach, which is why Bali is the ideal destination for your travel, where you can celebrate your honeymoon.

Bali honeymoon trip

Costa Rica honeymoon trip

If you are looking for destinations for your honeymoon that combine crystalline beaches, exotic jungles and adrenaline, stop wondering where to go on your honeymoon: Costa Rica is the place you were looking for.

Here, we propose some ideal activities to enjoy with your partner during your stay in Costa Rica:

  • Connect with nature touring the Manuel Antonio National Park, between lush jungles, dream beaches and coral reefs.
  • Undoubtedly, on your honeymoon trip to Costa Rica you cannot miss a visit to the Isla del Caño Biological Reserve. A privileged place for its biodiversity, where you can do water activities such as diving or snorkeling. During your visit to Isla del Caño you will be able to explore it through its trails, thus you will discover all its essence and you will take a “magical” experience from your honeymoon.
  • An exciting activity to do together on your honeymoon is a canopy tour through the Costa Rican jungle. A safe and exciting adventure, consisting of sliding through the exuberant and exotic vegetation through suspended cables. An experience full of adrenaline and excitement on your honeymoon.

All in all, Costa Rica is one of the most popular and exciting honeymoon destinations. A true paradise for those couples who cannot decide where to go on their honeymoon.


As you may have seen, there are many attractive destinations to enjoy your honeymoon. 

Organizing a honeymoon is not easy, but we think it is one of the most exciting activities that a couple can experience. For this reason, we hope that this post has been useful to you and will facilitate your decision on where to go on your honeymoon.

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