The 4 best restaurants in Cádiz

best restaurants cadiz

There are many reasons to visit Spain: its wonderful climate, its beaches, the friendliness of its inhabitants or its culture are some of them. However, this country also stands out for its gastronomy, very varied and delicious. We tell you about some of the most exquisite dishes that you can taste on your trip to Cádiz. Also a selection with the best restaurants to go to.


Typical dishes in Cádiz

Being a coastal town, the typical dishes are usually made mainly from fish and shellfish. Some of the dishes that you cannot stop trying on your visit to Cádiz are the following:

  1. Shrimp omelette ( Tortilla de Camarones) : it is one of the most typical dishes. Shrimp are similar to prawns, but much smaller. They are cooked together with a dough made with wheat flour, chickpea flour, onion, parsley, water, and salt. Then they are fried in very hot oil in such a way that the result is crunchy and delicious.
  2. Fried fish (Pescaito Frito) : it is another of the most traditional and characteristic dishes of Cádiz, which is even served as an appetizer. It consists of battered and fried fish, generally small in size and with few bones, such as anchovies, red mullet or whitebait. Sometimes squid or cuttlefish are added in pieces.
  3. Marinated dogfish ( Cazón en Adobo) : it also consists of battered fish, this time the fish is dogfish, but whose marinade is delicious. This is prepared with garlic, cumin, paprika, oregano and white vinegar.
  4. Red tuna and mojama. On the other hand, we find the mojama, which is usually known as the “ham of the sea”. It is a preparation based on tuna from which the water is removed and preserved in salt.
  5. Roes and nettles ( Huevas and Ortiguillas) . Finally, we highlight these dishes also based on fish. These are seasoned hake roe and nettles, which are shellfish but are often confused with seaweed. To cook them, they are floured and fried, resulting in a delicious flavor.

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Typical desserts in Cádiz

For lovers of sweets, Cádiz will also be an excellent destination. Since there are many typical desserts such as pestiños, rice pudding, flan, bacon from heaven and fritters.

typical dessets cadiz restaurants

Some recommended restaurants in Cádiz

Surely after reading about these dishes you have become curious to try them. We tell you which are the best restaurants to taste them in Cádiz. Below, we list some of the most traditional and well-known restaurants, although there are many others where you can try traditional cuisine and the famous tapas:

  1. Casa Manteca: located in the center of Cádiz and decorated with photographs of bullfighters and flamenco. A traditional restaurant with no frills
  2. El Faro: it is not the cheapest, but it stands out for the excellent quality of its products. You will be able to find the most typical dishes of Cadiz cuisine that we have indicated as shrimp omelettes, highlighting the tuna.
  3. Freiduría las Flores: also located in the center, in the square that gives it its name. In it you can taste tapas or dishes in the restaurant area, and even order food to take away and take it outdoors.
  4. Ventorrillo el Chato: this is another of the best-known restaurants, but it is located on the outskirts of Cádiz, specifically between Cádiz and San Fernando, next to the beach.

At Alsherry we are specialized in tourism in Cádiz and we offer a multitude of personalized experiences, including gastronomy, such as a visit to Puerto de Santa María. We will be delighted that you can try all these dishes on our experiences.

Finally, we cannot also forget that Cádiz stands out for the variety and quality of its wines. So you can complete your visit trying not only the food but also the wines through our visit to the vineyards of Cádiz or to delve into the wine of Jerez.

Contact us for more information, and do not wait any longer to enjoy the gastronomy of Cádiz.


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