Top 5 Cadiz wines that look like champagne

A few years ago, certain sparkling wines were produced in Cadiz in order to appeal to a public that prefers a local product while also preferring the type of sparkling wine associated with celebrations and the end of a meal like champagne.   

The demand for these sparkling wines from the land has skyrocketed in recent years. Furthermore, more and more families are betting for toasts at parties on locally produced champagne wines, or even simpler, on local bubbles. On the market you can find a wide range of these products that, in many cases, strictly follow the traditional methods of making champagne, and there are even those that use the Chardonnay grape, although those that use the native palomino predominate, with the that the famous Sherry wines are also produced.   

The Pedro Domecq wineries set the path for the manufacture of sparkling wines in the south of Spain around the turn of the century, with a ‘champagne’ that lasted until the middle of the century.

Some Cadiz companies have taken up this project decades after the Albariza land’s sparkling wine experience began. 

Beta Sur brut nature, Barbadillo

It’s a first for the Barbadillo wineries this year. It mixes the autochthonous quality palomino variety with the chardonnay grape, just as the original Beta. The French champenoise method is also used to make it. Beta Sur brut nature is distinguished by its 20 months of maturing on lees, which imparts refinement and grace. The result is a fine and elegant sparkling wine. Besides it has a subtle bubble that is perfect to accompany seafood and fish.

Brut de Mar 

It is a sparkling wine from the Mediterranean. A taste of the sea from Puerto de Santa Maria. The traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle is used to make Brut de Mar, which is prepared using palomino grapes and other varietals and kept for 12 months in stacks. It is soft on the nose with varied notes. Moreover,  it brings back memories of lime and light liquorice, with the appearance of a mineral background typical of the assembly of the different varieties and selected vintages, which provide an interesting balance to the whole.

Talayón Brut

The sparkling wine from the Miguel Domecq (Entrechuelos) winery is based on the Chardonnay grape from its Torrecera vineyard’s Albariza lands, with which the house winemaker, Joaquín Gómez Besser, also makes Entrechuelos Blanco. This ‘Blanc de Blancs’, which is about to enter its fourth year on the market, has been matured in stacks for one year. Therefore, making it fresh, graceful, and balanced. It has notes of fresh fino and fruity, notes of white flesh fruits, citrus and white flowers.

Vermut espumoso Francisco de Cala

An innovative sparkling wine. Besides, it is a collaboration between the makers of La Jerezana beer, Artesanos de Jerez, and the  company Calas y Arrobas. Its base is Sherry, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximénez. They season them with spices from the vermouth recipe, giving it a distinct bitter flavor. They create it using the classic champenoise method, which results in a naturally occurring bubble. On top of that, on the palate, they combine the velvety and smoothness of the P.X. Also, it keeps the caramel notes of the Oloroso for a very long time. At the same time, it retains the fresh and citrus notes offered by some of its ingredients.

Galantería, Viña Balbaina

An unique sparkling wine manufactured using the champenoise process and a blend of wines made with 100 percent grapes Jerez. A powerful and delicate effervescence creates a structured, vivid, delicious golden yellow hue. On the nose, there are notes of mango, and on the taste, there are faint flavors of albariza soil and classic wines. Sushi, rockfish, and a variety of desserts are also great options.


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