How to be a sustainable tourist while visiting Jerez de la Frontera

Traveling teaches us to appreciate the world and its wonderful variety, but it can also be very polluting. We all need to reduce our carbon emissions and take better care of the planet to ensure we don’t cause irreparable damage to the only home we have. You don’t have to cancel your trips abroad, but the next time you plan a trip, we suggest you put into practice our tips for traveling in a more sustainable way.

Check our post of how to be sustainable during your visit to Jerez de la Frontera.   

Choose your transportation method

Let’s start with the obvious: pick your mode of transportation carefully. Traveling in a private car is unquestionably faster and more comfortable. However, public transportation, such as the bus or train, is a fantastic choice.

We recommend taking the train or bus because you can get practically anyplace these days. The rail networks in Cadiz, for example, are wide and rapid, making electric trains an ideal low-carbon choice.

In addition, Jerez de la Frontera has a comprehensive bus system that connects all of the city’s tourist attractions.


Consume fresh local products

When you arrive at your destination, the best way to practice sustainable tourism is to consume local and seasonal products. Choosing this form of consumer goods provides a number of social and environmental benefits for the local population.

Also, when purchasing food, bear in mind that you should only consume what you want to eat in order to avoid wasting food. As a result of these principles, you will boost local trade, which is an excellent approach to promote ecotourism and environmental stewardship. 

Luckily, the andalusian gastronomy offers you a wide variety of exquisite products. You can try them all in the typical tapas, while visiting tabancos, Jerez typical bars.


Interact the right way 

Sustainability entails not simply lowering carbon emissions, but also assisting communities  visited in achieving a long-term future. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including staying with an exchange family while studying abroad, purchasing souvenirs made by local artisans, and shopping at small markets rather than large supermarkets. As a result, the money you spend stays in the community, strengthening its economy and propelling it forward. 

If you want to shop in Jerez, we recommend you visiting the Plaza the abastos, where you can find all types of fresh food. Also, in the city center there are many artisan shops that you can check.

? Ayuntamiento de Jerez

Choose your accommodation carefully

It is preferable to stay at local guesthouses or boutique hotels. Look for websites that feature the Rainforest Alliance or the Global Sustainable Tourism Council emblems. Any hotel can claim to be environmentally friendly, but these independent certificates ensure that they are. To accomplish them, lodging businesses must show that they have implemented sustainable practices, such as waste minimization or reducing environmental effects, or that they are mindful of the area’s cultural history and support conservation activities to safeguard local species.

Here in Jerez you can stay in Casa Palacio Maria Luisa or Hotel YIT Casa Grande. Both are great sustainable choices.

? national geographic

If you want to visit Jerez de la Frontera in a sustainable way, don’t hesitate to contact us in or on our website. We will arrange a tailor-made trip for you !!

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