Cruzcampo: The risky adventure of a winery owner

In 1904, beer was seldom drunk, but Roberto Osborne put his whole fortune into creating Cruzcampo, Spain’s greatest brewery.  

Its façade is one of the most recognizable symbols of Seville’s popular culture. Despite the fact that it was formerly one of the city’s most unique structures. Its wide pitched roofs with dormers, designed in Frankfurt, indicated its Central European heritage. Besides, its interior was even more unusual: a hundred people were hard at work making an unusual juice

Cruzcampo, a Sevillian beer, has been around for over a century. Even though the entire Andalusian region preferred wine, two brothers who traveled to Germany learnt about the brewing process. Then, they decided to start a brewing company.

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What is the origin of the name?

The name comes from the location of the first brewery that produced this beer. The factory was constructed in Seville, to the east of the city, near the Cruz del Campo sanctuary, which features a cross. The pavilion’s name was the inspiration for the company’s name. The picture of Gambrinus, a character from German mythology who enjoys beer, was used to accompany the company’s name and to embellish the bottles.

Cruzcampo’s beginnings

Tomás and Roberto Osborne Guezala, two wine industry entrepreneurs who were born in El Puerto de Santa Maria, wanted to diversify their product line and make various sorts of beverages.

The idea for a brewing company was born in 1902. The two brothers had studied the process of making beer while traveling through Germany and the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). They chose to establish the company in Andalusia after their vacation. They completed the facility  in 1903, and they distributed the first Cruzcampo beer on December 22, 1904.

Tomás quit the brewing company in 1916 to focus solely on Osborne, the Osborne family’s wine brand, while Cruzcampo remained in the hands of his brother Roberto until his death in 1937. Because they couldn’t secure the required materials during the Civil War, the company had to shut down manufacturing. When it stopped, though, they continued to sell beers. They founded the Cruzcampo Group after the company acquired other brewing enterprises, such as Henninger Española in 1969.  

Cruzcampo has maintained the inventive spirit of its founders to this day. Special kinds of craft beer inspired by the Soho de Málaga. Also, in constant evolution they make them exclusively at La Fábrica de Cruzcampo – Cervecera del Soho de Málaga.   

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