Chiquilla: “From Sotogrande to Arenal”

El Arenal is one of the neighborhoods in Seville where they are opening one of the most expected bars, Urbano González’s restaurant Chiquilla.

The chef from Seville, who also owns the famed Quilla in Sotogrande, only recently established his new restaurant. A minimalist environment in which they have used every available space. It contains a tiny bar for eight more diners, in addition to roughly five tables. The design is bright, with aquamarine touches added to the white walls to give it a more summery feel.

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The winery

For such a new company, the winery has just over fifty references. Besides, all of their wines  are available by the glass, making it a perfect alternative for people who want to change up their drink throughout the meal without having to commit to a bottle.

Furthermore, they also provide a carefully curated beverage menu with reasonable costs that might help to liven up the meal.

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Main dishes

The menu’s major attraction is the seafood, which is normally delivered daily from Cadiz’s fish markets, with a section dedicated to almadraba bluefin tuna. Besides, the letter of the day is a new feature that adds a dozen more alternatives to the main one.

Moreover, we locate a wonderful prawn salad among the appetizers; the quality of the product is obvious.  They recommend some appetizers such their lobster roll, a grilled butter brioche loaded with lobster and smoked sauce.

? the fork

Gastronomic philosophy             

They bet on the grills for both the fresh fish they bring from Cadiz markets and the Friesian meat because they have a fully visible kitchen. Besides, they prepare each product  according to the preferences of the customer, who can order up to four or five different variants of the same dish. Moreover, everything is produced from scratch on the spot.

Furthermore, his dedication to a high-quality product and simple dishes that highlight the raw materials gives him a promising future.


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