Esteros Andaluces, oysters in San Fernando

Known as Ostiones,  now marketed as curly oysters, another way of referring to the species. The company Esteros Andaluces SL is currently responsible for the production of this food.

For several years, the enterprise has been devoted to its cultivation in the former San Fernando salt mines. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. They stockpiled up to 4 million of these ruffled oysters last year. They plan to expand their business with the usage of roughly 300 hectares. Despite the fact that output is currently just 25% of its capability. As a result, they still have a long way to go.

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They have become the ideal example of how to enhance economic activity by utilizing the Natural Park’s resources.  Something that has been discussed on San Fernando for decades but only rarely seen in practice.

And the enterprise dedicated to the production of curly oysters has a bright future ahead of it. The potential is enormous. They’ve created a high-quality product that chefs adore, El Faro was the first to take a chance on them by featuring them on its menu and that appeals to a niche clientele. They’ve already started selling them outside of Spain under the Ostras de La Isla label. They’re on the market in Luxembourg, England, and France… And, of course, in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid. And, of course, in Andalusia, where they have established themselves as a leader in mollusk production.

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Esteros Andaluces SL currently employs 17 people.  That includes numerous clam collectors who are in charge of field labor and have regularized their employment position thanks to this island enterprise.

It’s not just a corporate decision to call curly oysters instead of ostiones. The name refers to the  entire process of cultivating these mollusks in historic salt pans and estuaries. They  specifically design them for these crops where they are constantly monitor them.         

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