What to do in Cadiz on rainy days

On sunny days, the city of  Cádiz offers a diverse selection of activities, but what can we do in Cadiz if it rains? In this post, we’ll go through the five finest rainy-day activities in the city.

No matter the weather Cadiz offers you plans at all hours. The city of Carnival and sun offers tourists different plans in case it rains during their stay in the city.

Cadiz Cathedral is a must-see

The Cathedral of Cadiz is one of the must-see attractions for everyone visiting the city. If you’re from Cadiz and haven’t seen the cathedral from the interior, a wet day might be the best opportunity to do so. The cathedral was built in the 18th century and combines Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical designs.

By Catedral de Cadiz

Shows at Cadiz’s Gran Teatro Falla

Cadiz’s Falla Theater showcases some of the city’s top performances. The Falla Theater provides a variety of concerts, from Joaquin Reyes shows to Flamenco dancing acts, so if it’s raining, it’s a good idea to consider going to the theater to appreciate the art of artists from Cadiz and throughout Spain.

By Wikipedia

Spend a day going to museums

If visiting museums is usually a good idea, a trip to the city’s greatest museums on rainy days is a fantastic one. This collection of museums is housed in some of Cadiz’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Gadir Archaeological Site

It’s a fantastic opportunity to take the kids. It is jam-packed with interactive activities that will leave them dumbfounded. Adults included. The many remains of the place will pique their attention for all of them. As if that weren’t enough, entrance is free, and you’ll learn a great deal about Cádiz’s history. It is not to be missed!

By Antonio Vazquez

Cadiz Museum

This is a must-see for everyone interested in knowing more about Cádiz’s history. Relevant data about the city, the several conquests that have occurred there, and relevant information about the city’s current culture. Admission is free, same as the Archaeological Site.

By Wikipedia

Explore a bit of Cadiz’s cultural history

It is true that Cádiz is well-known for its cultural history. We come across a variety of stunning locations.

Medina Sidonia Palace

The  Medina Sidonia’s gardens will leave you dumbfounded. Moreover, they are also available to the public, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book. Imagine the stamp of a wet day on this plan if it already delivers calm and tranquility. You can go alone or with a group. Besides, it’s a great idea for the most romantic couple.

By Wikipedia

Marinos Ilustres Pantheon 

This location is yet another gem of Cadiz’s history. You will have a very relaxing and enjoyable stay there, where you will learn about our city’s naval history and the most famous sailors. Its history, as well as the beauty of its structure, are both worth learning about.  Furthemore, the fact is that the sea is one of Cádiz’s most distinctive features.

Discover Cadiz’s gastronomy

Gastronomy is unquestionably a plan that everyone appreciates. In Cádiz, we may sample the city’s traditional fried fish, as well as an unrivaled gourmet selection. Besides, among other things, we recommend spending the day in the Central Market, where you will find a variety of shops as well as various types of meat and fresh fish. 

By Guia Repsol

Spend your day in a winery

Wine enthusiasts may visit the best wineries in Cádiz, whether at El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chiclana, or Sanlúcar de Barrameda. La Bodega Hidalgo la Gitana, Bodegas Barbadillo, Bodegas Argüeso, and Bodegas Osborne are among them.

By Bodegas Hidalgo la Gitana

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