Culinary tours

Culinary tours allows you to explore the andalusian cuisine. You can try popular dishes like gazpacho, fried fish (or pescaíto frito as the locals call it), the famous wines of Jerez… You have an enormous quantity of options to choose and a lot of things to taste so you may ask where to start looking.

First of all, you can taste some delicious desserts such as pestiños (a deep-fried pastry bathed in honey), polvorones, torrijas, calentitos… This sweets dishes are perfect when you want to pick a snack or celebrate something.

In terms of other typical dishes you can find: the famous tortilla de patatas (or spanish omelette), tortillitas de camarones, puchero, gachas, salmorejo, flamenquín, red tuna…

Apart from these dishes, you can enjoy the famous tapas if you want to eat some snacks or taste some traditional wine.

If you want more information about andalusian cuisine before deciding which culinary tours to take, we recommend you to take a look at this.