Unleash the beauty of Doñana National Park

Amid southern Spain, you will find a natural reserve, Doñana National Park. Covering an extensive area over the three provinces of Spain, this park includes sand dunes, marshlands, streams of water, and a diverse collection of flora and fauna. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions around Huelva, Seville, and Cadiz. The park is famous for its awe-striking landscapes and the most unique and incredible biodiversity around Europe. 

The national park is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it one of the distinctive and unspoiled pieces of land in Europe. In addition to its aesthetic preview, Doñana National Park is the home to many endangered species mainly the Iberian lynx. Discover this magical land of Donana National Park by booking a private tour with your friends and family. 

Things to do in Doñana National Park 

Here are some amazing things-to-explore you must know before visiting the park:


  • Explore the moving sand dunes


No trip to Donana National Park is complete without witnessing the phenomenal moving sand dunes. Along with the beach and marshlands, you can explore the sand dunes with ever-changing peaks due to the coastal breeze. You can hike along these mountains of sand by enjoying an idyllic view of the beach, and the sea breeze will leave you refreshed and relaxed. 


  • Walk away from your stress 


Enjoy the best walk of your life by crossing the beautiful pine forest. If you are a true nature lover, then this would be the best part of the excursion for you. The walk will allow you to witness the picturesque city of Cadiz, the pine forest and nearby landscapes. 


  • Look for the faunal treasures


As the park is famous for its diversity of both flora and fauna, on your private tour, you have a chance to explore the faunal treasures here. You can catch most of the faunal sightings at Coto del Rey and Matas Gordas. However, this exploration will be achieved on private 4X4 to ensure safety as well. From the endangered Iberian lynx to Bitterns, Fallow deer to Red deer, you will be able to witness a lot of variety of species. 


  • Be a part of Saca de Yeguas 


Saca de Yeguas is a local annual cattle fair. If by any chance you are visiting the park near the end of June, make sure to be a part of this fascinating event on June 26. It is celebrated for more than 500 years now. The farmers bring their horses and put up on a great show with a traditional parade.


  • Look for the pink flamingos


During the summer, the park becomes a popular habitat for the pink flamingos. Donana National Park is famous for bird sightings and if you are lucky enough you can catch a view of the famous ‘Greater Flamingo’ during your private tour. Other than pink flamingos, you can also witness water birds, e.g. graylag goose, white-headed duck, red-necked nightjar and many other bird species. 


  • Gaze upon the marshlands 


Covered with a variety of flora species, gaze upon the aesthetic looking marshlands of the park. These marshlands significantly contribute to the ecosystem and increase the beauty of the natural landscape. Don’t miss out to view these coastal wetlands while you at the Donana National Park. 

How to reach the Donana National Park?

You can start your journey from El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz. It takes about 40 to 45 minutes to reach the Donana National Park by road. However, what will make your tour even better is a boat ride across the beach and then a ride in a private 4X4. 

Donana National Park is a popular destination and demands a must-visit. If you plan to visit this magical land, then no one is better than Alsherry Experiences in arranging a top-notch private tour for you and your family. Avail this opportunity of a private tour to one of the best natural reserves in Europe along with Alsherry Experiences for a worthwhile experience. You will definitely come back with memories for life!



Doñana National Park




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