Three keys to preserve Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham

How can I ensure that my slice of Iberian ham retains all of its properties? Is that anything I should cover? Where am I supposed to put it? These are the guidelines for keeping Iberian ham in the best condition possible, without drying out or oxidizing.

Iberian Ham
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Store away from direct sunlight and at room temperature

Once the Iberian Ham has been opened, it should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and away from temperature changes to ensure the best possible preservation. The outer layer of the section that will not be sliced must be left uncleaned in order to keep all of its organoleptic features, as well as its alluring aroma and powerful texture.

Using its own fat to hydrate it

It is critical to moisten the Iberico Ham with its own fat at the end of the cutting process and just before commencing, rubbing it on the cut surface. It’s critical to keep the white internal fat that you removed when you opened the piece for this. Never utilize the outer casing fat, which is yellowish in color and has a rancid taste. You should then cover it with an opaque cotton cloth to keep it protected from light and moisture.

Blister pack the Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham blister packs or unit packaging are one of the most adaptable and unique ways to preserve the flavor and aroma of this Mediterranean gem. In this scenario, it’s critical to keep it refrigerated at a temperature of 5 to 2 degrees Celsius. You should not freeze it since you could lose its properties. Besides, you must take it out at least two hours in advance to appreciate all of its intricacies. Moreover, you should immerse it in water for a few moments.


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