The best wines for a complete Iberian ham experience

Without a doubt, mixing Iberian ham with other ingredients may enhance the dining experience. As a result, knowing the best wines to serve with Iberian ham is crucial. Although red wines have long been the usual accompaniment to this ham, there are a variety of different beverages that can assist heighten the experience of eating a good piece of ham.

Although this type of ham is delicious on its own, it is preferable to choose a companion carefully. One of the best things about Iberian ham is that it goes well with a range of drinks, each of which offers us a unique experience. In general, it is suggested that this ham be served with drinks made in the country, as this creates the ideal harmony.

Fino and Manzanilla. Ideal for serving with Iberian ham.

This wine pairs nicely with both cebo and acorn-fed Iberian ham. Traditionally, Iberian ham has been paired with red wines, but superb white and manzanilla wines are also suitable.

Both manzanilla and fine white wines must be aged for a particular length of time in order for their tastes to develop.

We must avoid using very young or fruity wines, since their flavors can be overpowering and clash with the ham.

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Red wine. Perfect to go with a decent Iberian ham

If you want to drink red wine with your Iberian ham, there are a few things to consider.

When compared to white wines, red wine has a considerably stronger flavor. When ham is served as a side dish, this trait might make it difficult to enjoy the flavors.

If we choose a red wine, we will be creating a contrast match, thus it is critical that we allow some time between the sip of wine and the bite of ham to provide a better experience. We may appreciate the flavors independently this way.

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Cava is a perfect complement to Iberian ham

Cava is another fantastic alternative for matching with our Iberian ham, especially if we want something different.

This wine’s effervescent quality can help to bring out the flavors and textures of a good ham.

The best cava to serve with Iberian ham is one that is not too sweet and has been aged for a long period. This is especially vital if you’re serving an acorn-fed Iberian ham with it. The drier the better in this scenario.

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Young wines

Although these wines aren’t perfect companions, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of using them and achieving a decent match with our work.

The selecting process for the young wine will be crucial. The ideal option is a lighter wine that will help to balance out the ham’s stronger flavor.

When choosing a young wine, those with more weight and body should be avoided. Because the rich fruit flavors of this type of ham will compete with those of the ham, we will not be able to produce a suitable combination.


Champagne is a great way to unwind after a long day. This effervescent drink, depending on the variety, might be the perfect companion for matching fewer or more cured hams.

Its mild flavor makes it an excellent drink to accompany Iberian ham and can help to bring out the intensity of the meat. However, the ham must be presented in extremely thin slices that melt in the tongue for the combination to be even better. This will make the champagne and ham pairing the most enjoyable.

You can pair a well-cured ham with a fresh and clean white fruit champagne. While a less cured piece with mineral tones is preferred.  

best wines
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