Bodega Obregón, the oldest tavern in El Puerto de Santa María

Bodegas Obregón, S.L. is a company that produces wine. D. José Luis González Obregón (El Puerto de Santa Maria, 1905-1995) founded it in 1935. It has been registered with the Wine Regulatory Council since then, and its wines bear the Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry mark of origin.

History of the company     

José Luis González Obregón was one of the best sherry wine and brandy experts that the area’s winery was fortunate enough to have. Besides, he began his winemaking career when he was very young, progressed through various positions. And eventually became general foreman of Hijos de Jiménez Varela, S.A.  Furthermore, his good offices and extensive viticulture expertise are the reason why the  company has a great reputation for the quality of its wines.

Mr. José Luis González Obregón started his firm in 1935. He opened his first winery on Calle Ricardo Alcón, number 8, and followed it up with another on Calle Zarza. It grew its business selling of branch wines in his different still lifes and bars.

Currently, Bodegas Obregón, S.L. is a company that engages in all aspects of the wine industry: it cultivates its own brand of wine, ages wines for sale to other wineries, and over time by acquiring other wineries in Calle Arenas and Santa Fe. Moreover, the majority of the company’s wine and brandy criaderas and soleras are still in the latter.

The operation of Bodegas Obregón, S.L. has been the storekeeper, that is, the upbringing and age of their wines for sale in exporting wineries, from its foundation and for many years.

Bodega Obregon
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Mr. José Luis González Obregón gradually enlarged the scope of his business, devoting himself to the bottling of his own brands of wines, brandies, and spirits. Besides, he operates two unique wineries in El Puerto de Santa Maria: Taberna La Draga (in Plaza de Bizcocheros) and Bodegón de Obregón (on Calle Zarza), the city’s oldest and most unusual taverns.

Bodegas Obregón today

Bodegas Obregon S.L. is a small family business that has managed to carve out a niche in the wine industry through the diversification of its activities and the high quality of its products. They have long been recognized by local consumers.  Also, more recently, by experts and the general public on other continents.  Besides, they have won prestigious awards.

In addition, the pub owned by this winemaking enterprise on Calle Zarza, 53 is the oldest of those still in operation. It might be regarded as the stage where some of El Puerto’s classic and traditional scenes are continuously replayed in the ”Barrio Alto”.

Bodegas Obregon
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Wine Tasting notes:

Fino La Draga 

Straw golden color, strong perfume, mild bitterness in the mouth with a long finish, almond touch, very soft.

Obregon Fino

Bright straw yellow in color, with a bright, fresh, fruity background on the palate.

Bodega Obregon
By instagram Bodegas Obregon

Obregon Oloroso

On the tongue, it is rich in nuances, tasty with a balance and bitter touch from the age of the solera. On the nose, it is mostly of wood, not very complex. Furthermore, on the palate, it is rich in subtleties, pleasant with a balance and bitter touch from the aging of the solera.

Obregon Moscatel

On the taste, it’s fruity with a predominance of raisins, with an intense pastified mahogany hue and a toasted finish.

Obregon, Brandy

In the mouth, it is very balanced, highlighting the pleasant notes of oak, soft features of great age. Besides, mahogany amber color, harmonious scents of solera and wood, in the mouth it is very balanced. Besides, highlighting the pleasant notes of oak, soft features of great age.

Obregón Cacao

The original Cacao Liqueur Cream. On top of that, they made it with high-quality products. Moreover, it outstands for his exquisite taste of cacao, the most delectable of the licores.

Obregón, Anis

Crystallino colour, scent anisado, light, and just the right amount of sweetness.


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