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Artisans of Lebrija

In this post we will talk about the Lebrija´s Artisans because probably you already know a lot about Lebrija but did you know the fame that their artisans have? Keep reading! Contents1 Lebrija´s Artisans: 1.Forge Lebrija2 Lebrija´s Artisans: 2. Antonio Gonzalez, the iron craftsman3 Lebrija´s Artisans: 3. Lebrijan potteries: clay made art4 Lebrija´s Artisans: 4....
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10 things to do in Trebujena

Trebujena is a beautiful town in which to spend some wonderful days. You may go without much idea or that you have only been recommended this town and you really do not know it. For that, Alsherry Experience gives you the solution, here we tell you what things you can do when you arrive in...
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Benamahoma or Benaocaz: Which town you should visit first?

The white villages of Cádiz are all beautiful, but maybe you get a little lost in what to visit before and what to visit later or you have a very limited time and maybe you want to know which town you might like the most. Here we help you with that. We will tell you...
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The ultimate guide from Medina Sidonia

Medina Sidonia is a beautiful municipality in the province of Cadiz. It is a small town, which belongs to the La Janda region. The interesting thing about this town is that it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. Contents1 What are its origins?2 What can I visit?3 The Medina Sidonia Castle and Arco de la...
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10 things to do in Tarifa

Tarifa is a beautiful place, beyond its coast and its beaches. Normally when we visit Tarifa we stay with the beach, so that is to stay alone on the surface of the iceberg. Tarifa offers much more than tanning on the white sand of the beaches. Here we leave you other options of tourist activities...
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Top 10 walks and hikes in Cadiz

The province of Cádiz has many green areas, natural parks, mountains … So hiking here is a great success. Spending a day in contact with nature, sharing your time with your loved ones such as your friends or your family, or even with yourself, will be a great experience. Hiking has great health benefits, both...
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Sanlúcar: 5 places you cannot miss on the First Around the World Tour

History marks many places in the province of Cádiz. Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the port from which the Magellan fleet departed to go around the world and discover new trade routes. This advance, together with the discovery of America, marked the wealth and abundance of the Spanish Empire. Here we leave you some very interesting...
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10 unique places that marked the first round the world in Seville

The circumnavigation carried out by Magallanes and Elcano changed the history of a country, including the conception of our planet. All this begins in Sevilla. In Seville, here we will show you the most emblematic points of this adventure. Contents1 Contracting Square2 Mateos Gago Street3 Germans Street4 Cathedral of Seville5 Indies Archive6 Royal Shipyards7 Torre...
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Magallanes: The first round the world began and ended in Cádiz

Great celebrities are related in some way to Cádiz. They are born here, they die here, or they begin their journeys here. That is what leads us to speak of Magallanes. The first round the world did not happen as Jules Verne wrote. It was even more novel. Continues reading and discovers the great adventure...
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